ooia slip hugs

Brief Hugs
medium-strong ( Produkte)
41,75€ 43,95€
Brief Hugs Strong
extra-strong ( Produkte)
44,60€ 46,95€

Period underwear with heat pad

Let yourself be hugged by our ooia Hugs: the period panty with integrated heat pad is there for you when you need it - whether on the couch or on the go, rocking your day!

With some extra warmth during your period

Two invisible pockets for the heat pad are hidden inside the ooia Hugs period panty. Especially during your period the heat on your abdomen and/or your lower back can contribute to your relaxation. If you already have a heat pad at home and don't need any more, you can buy the Brief Hugs with or without an integrated heat pad. You can heat the pad several times a day and simply put it in the Hugs’ pockets without having to take off your panties. Perfect for on the go!

Like a warm hug: Our warming period panties

The ooia Hugs is available with medium and strong absorbency and, depending on the style, holds up to 5 tampons of liquid. This makes it not only good for you, but also for the environment: By replacing disposable products such as tampons and pads, period underwear can save a lot of waste. After usage you can simply wash it and put it back on. Safe, absorbent and warming!