magic membrane system

ooia period underwear designed in Berlin is as nice and comfortable as your favorite underwear, but it can do much more: it has an integrated membrane system in the crotch that soaks up liquid and prevents it from leaking.

layer principle ooia period underwear

Schichtgrafik Funktion

The layer closest to the body is made out of super soft merino wool (at period underwear). It quickly wicks moisture away from the body. So you feel dry at all times. More info: click here


The middle layer consists of specialized fibers that absorb liquid very quickly. This layer is also equipped with an bacterial inhibiting agent in period underwear. This layer is not necessary for the everyday collection. More info: click here


The outermost layer is a liquid-impermeable membrane that does not let any liquid through and protects you from leaking. In addition, this layer - just like all the other layers - is breathable and ensures that you do not sweat.

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what else ooia period underwear can do

ooia period underwear is suitable for all body fluids, so not just blood, but also urine or general vaginal discharge. (However, if you're looking for a panty specifically designed for urine, check out our sister brand Ida's Place.) ooia can hold 1-6 tampons, or 10-30ml, of fluid, depending on the model.

Our seams are constructed to hold liquids leak proof thanks to a special stitching technique. 

ooia period underwear is as thin as possible so they are comfortable to wear - ooia is no thicker than 1-2mm at the thickest point

We love natural fibers and therefore we used many natural materials and fibers. Also, our super soft merino wool effectively prevents sweating.

ooia period underwear is super comfortable because we have spent a lot of time researching and selecting the softest fabrics. In addition, the fabrics are very elastic and soft, so they can ideally adapt to your body. Because ooia loves your body!

We have our design and dimensionsspecifically designed for the German market, so you can be sure that you will be convinced not only by the beautiful design but also the perfect fit.

ooias antibacterial effect is certified!

Your health is our top priority! Therefore, we relied on the opinion of gynecologists on the requirements for inhibiting bacterial growth. Our membrane system has bacteria-inhibiting properties at key points - so bacteria can't multiply or develop unpleasant odors. Our active ingredient silver chloride is tested under the strictest conditions and authorized for use in Germany in accordance with Article 89 of the Biocide Ordinance in conjunction with Section 28 (8) of the Chemicals Act. We do not use any nano-active ingredients that are controversial in terms of health. The bacteria-inhibiting properties of ooia were certified by the Hohenstein Institute.
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ooias skin compatibility is certified!

All marked ooia products are certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® [21.0.46579 HOHENSTEIN HTTI]. In order to receive this certification, the substances and also the bacteria-inhibiting active ingredient are tested according to strict criteria and by an independent testing institute for their harmlessness to health and skin compatibility. The certification confirms that the criteria for the certificate have been met.

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