June 08, 2020

hi! it's me, ooia!
ooshi is now ooia.



Since 2018, we, Kati and Kristine, have been shaking up the German Female Health market with our leak-proof period underwear and nursing bra. Now, as a young startup, we are saying goodbye to our name "ooshi", under which we have already experienced many successes in recent months. With the same products, the same values and an expanded focus on holistic Female Empowerment it goes on for our young company with the name ooia.

 say [uuːjaː] to ooia

ooia stands for saying yes and being excited about life.We are overjoyed to celebrate this new phase with our wonderful new name ooia!

In 2019, a company objected to the name "ooshi". To avoid trademark problems that could steal our attention, we are making a major external change: Our core brand ooshi is now called ooia.



We want to focus our energy on what is really important: Female Empowerment through innovative Female Centric Products.

We have achieved many milestones under the ooshi name: Founded in August 2018, we have sold over 125,000 units of our certified period underwear to date, which comes in 5 different styles covering three different absorbencies between 5-30 ml. 

We consist of a core team of eleven women and employ numerous companies and freelancers* throughout Europe. Under the name ooshi we already moved a lot in the dialogue around female founder teams and Female Health - among other things by the appearance in the VOX show "Die Höhle der Löwen" or by winning awards of the German government and the German Startup Awards 2020. 

Happily, a name is just a name. We will take the brand promise - the great products, all the emotion, the community, the quality, and the look and feel of the brand - from ooshi and transfer it to ooia.



ooia is a female empowerment company

We see ourselves as a Female Empowerment Company and our core mission is to bring about social change for women* by leading dialogues and initiating them with our innovative products - by women for women*.

The new name marks a step into a new phase: our brand has grown into ooia. ooia, pronounced [uuːjaː], celebrates this change and embodies joie de vivre and the joy of empowering women*. With the new name, we celebrate the moments of happiness that ooia customers* experience through the products and the community. As ooia, we are also taking the step to become a multi-category brand: in addition to the successful period underwear, a new product innovation is now joining the range: the ooia nursing bra.



By sharing in this community, you're helping to de-taboo and make strong for every single woman*.