July 23, 2019

The quality of ooia, in comfort and function, is our top priority.

That's why we've been trusted by the Hohenstein Institute have an elaborate testing procedure performed on ooia to ensure its antibacterial activity.

The Hohenstein Institute is a very renowned German textile testing and research institute, which awards various seals.

Incredible, but ooia is the world's only period underwear whose function is certified.

We are very proud that the bacteria-inhibiting function of ooia has been certified by Hohenstein Institute

For us as a startup, such a procedure is very expensive and costly. But since your health and the quality of your ooia is our top priority, we decided to go for it.

The procedure goes like this:

Hohenstein tested ooia for different types of germs according to DIN standard. Dfor this, ooias were drizzled with a germ solution and then "incubated" for 18 hours in a heating cabinet. Before and after the number of germs was measured.

We were quite excited, and then came the result: ooia was certified antibacterial activity 

It is important that period underwear inhibits bacteria from growing.
Even during the development of ooia, we sought the opinion of gynecologists on the requirements for the functions of ooia.  

Gynecologists confirm to us that it is fundamentally important that period underwear prevents bacteria from growing - and high-quality, tested fabrics are used for this purpose.

ooias "magic membrane system" therefore has bacteria-inhibiting properties in key places, and we have spent a very long time searching for the right ingredients for this.
Here we use silver-based active ingredients (silver chloride) certified in Germany. Of course, we do not use any nano-active ingredients that are controversial to health. 

By the Hohenstein Institute function was proven for the first time in period underwear - and ooia. Woohoo :)
Our goal with ooia is to establish period underwear in Germany - but not just any.

ooia stands for top quality - top comfort, but also top function.