November 26, 2021

Women supporting women: 25 percent of our profits today will go to the Center for Intersectional Justice e.V., which advocates for the rights of structurally marginalized women in Europe.

ooia is known for high-quality period underwear. However, we stand not only for Female Centric Products, but also for Female Empowerment. That's why we've decided to donate a portion of our profits today to CIJ. This means that if you buy one of our ooias today, you're not only doing something good for yourself, but also for other women. Or in other words, if you've ever thought about trying period underwear or our absorbent nursing bra, today is the perfect day to do it!

Sustainable, supportive and conscious consumption sounds great, but you don't really know what products we have? No problem! At the end of the article, we'll briefly introduce you to our period underwear styles and our nursing bra. But before that, a few words about the organization that today is all about: the CIJ.

Vier Frauen des Centers for Intersectional Justice

The Center for Intersectional Justice is a non-profit organization from Berlin that works to combat structural inequality and discrimination in Europe. In particular, they want to support people who belong to several marginalized groups and are therefore discriminated against multiple times - such as lesbian, disabled women. ooia has been working with the CIJ for a long time and donates part of the profit generated by the embracelet sets to the organization. Through today's day of action, we would like to give additional expression to our support.

Vier Frauen in Periodenunterwäsche von ooia

You can support CIJ today by purchasing these products:

The gossamer ooia String with the cool striped waistband is especially suitable for the weaker days and can be worn super also under tight-fitting clothes.

On slightly stronger days, the elegant slip, the sporty hipster and the trendy highwaist very well, because they can hold a liquid amount of up to three tampons. Details such as a romantic lace border or mesh inserts with a semi-transparent striped pattern make these models eye-catchers.

The Shorty is our most absorbent style. It can absorb as much menstrual blood as about six tampons. Many of our customers swear by wearing it at night because it makes them feel extra secure.

In your lingerie drawer are already some of the classic ooia styles? Then treat yourself to one of our new additions - the red hipster, the red Highwaist or the All Babes Slip.

And if you're looking for an alternative to disposable nursing pads, try our absorbent breastfeeding bra! It absorbs leaking milk while pampering your skin with soft merino wool. 

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