ooia String

ooia period underwear in thong style

ooia period thongs fit your body comfortably and are not visible under your clothing. Our thong styles can absorb up to 1.5 tampons of liquid and are suitable for lighter period days or in general for women* with lighter menstruation.

Thong period underwear: Your reliable companion during menstruation

Like all other ooia period panties, the period thongs and brazilians have an integrated membrane system with leak protection in the crotch area, which wicks liquids away from the body so that you can feel dry and safe. You can wear it on its own when your flow is light or as a backup to other period products on heavier days.

Period thongs and brazilians: Your sustainable alternative to tampons and other disposable products

ooia period underwear is washable and reusable and helps you to avoid waste from single-use period products. All our ooias are sewn exclusively with fabrics from Europe in sewing workshops in Portugal, Lithuania and Croatia, which produce ethically and ecologically fair.