ooia Shorty

Period underwear for heavy bleeders

Heavy period bleeding? We’ve got your back: With our ooia Strong Styles we have developed period panties that help you to feel dry and safe at all times.

Our most absorbent style: ooia Shorty for heavy periods

Your companion on heavy and very heavy period days: The ooia Shorty is our most absorbent period underwear style for maximum security on your heavy days and holds up to six tampons of liquid! Thanks to an innovative cutting technique, the ooia Shorty is not visible under clothing and is super comfortable and reliable.

Leak-proof menstrual underwear: The sustainable alternative

No more mountains of disposable products! After wearing the Shorty period panty, you can easily hand wash it, first in cold water and then in the washing machine.

Our ooia period underwear is a sustainable and uncomplicated alternative to disposable products. However if you want extra security, you can of course also combine the period panties with other products like tampons or a menstrual cup.