February 13, 2020

We have renamed ourselves on 08.06.20 and are now called ooia

New launch, limited edition, glitter and good mood - May we introduce? The ooshi hipster glitter blue!

Did you think that your period can be full of glitter and good mood? Under the motto "celebrate yourself and life" we launched a new limited style on 10.02.2020 - the ooshi hipster glitter blue.

That the latest launch will bring you so much joy, we would not have thought. After only 24 hours, more than half of it was already sold out! At the end of the post, we therefore tell you how you no longer miss a launch.

As you know, product development is incredibly fun for us! On the one hand, we oriented ourselves to the trend colors for spring and summer 2020 and on the other hand, of course, your wishes are always at the forefront. We have incorporated both factors into the development. The latest period underwear combines trend and functionality, the textile is kept in a rich navy blue and the waistband glitters and sparkles what the stuff.

As a young startup from Berlin, we are thus venturing a new step in an exciting direction. Our intention is to spray more joy and fun with this limited edition. It has become a hip style that makes the wearers sparkle. The style is available for both adults and teens, so everyone can feel wonderful! Whether at home or with friends, the ooshi hipster glitter blue gives you that special something, no matter where you are or what you are doing. You, as the wearer, always shine from within!

We fell in love with our special ooshi glitter blue and you love this style just as much - we are overwhelmed by the incredibly positive response. It won't be the last special one.

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