ooia Shapewear

Protective and shaping underwear for stomach, legs and bottom

We proudly present: Our ooia Shapewear! The ooia Shape Short with Thigh Saving Effect is a new type of shapewear that protects you from sore thighs and supports your curves at the same time.

Choice, comfort and confidence: We have rethought shapewear and redefined it through a female lens - by women for women*!

Choice: It’s your choice!

We see self-confidence as a personal journey that starts from within, and we developed the Shape Short based on the motto "it's your choice". Every woman* has different preferences and needs to feel confident and strong - and that's a good thing! This approach shapes the entire philosophy behind the development of the ooia Shape Short. Designed by women for women*, it focuses above all on your individual well-being, comfort and self-confidence. In order to support women* on their own path, we want to create access to well-thought-out, high-quality shapewear with our ooia Shape Short.

Comfort: Seamless and comfortable for every curve

What use is the best shapewear if it isn't comfortable? At ooia, your comfort is our top priority. The shape shorts were designed to be gentle on your skin and comfortable to wear. Thanks to the completely seamless finish and the soft and stretchy material, they don't cut into your stomach or legs despite the shaping effect, but rather hug your curves softly.

Confidence: Made for your body

The ooia Shape Short is designed to help women* feel good. The supportive and firming shaping effect for thighs, stomach and bottom highlights your curves.

More than just shapewear: ooia Shape Short as protection against sore thighs

The Shape Short protects you from sore thighs, especially in the warm summer months. As an additional layer between your inner thighs, it minimizes friction and reduces the risk of skin irritation. Simply wear the Shape Short comfortably under your favorite clothes! Thanks to the seamless finish, it won't show through or cut in uncomfortably.