ooia Hipster

ooia period underwear in Hipster shape

Our popular ooia hipster shape is both sporty and casual - just the perfect companion in every situation. ooia Hipster period underwear with a lower waist holds up to three tampons of liquid. While the Hipster strong holds up to even five tampons of liquid while feeling completely dry. This makes the style ideal for your medium and heavy period days.

Period Hipster: Your alternative to disposable products

The ooia Hipster period underwear is washable and reusable, which makes it a great sustainable alternative to disposable products such as tampons or pads. You can wear the ooia Hipster only or as in combination with other period products as a backup. The ooia Hipster Strong is also a reliable support during childbirth and during pregnancy.

Our Seamless Collection: Seamless Hipster underwear

The ooia Hipster Seamless is also available as a seamless style. Thanks to the unique ooia seamless technology, it smoothly adapts to your body and is almost invisible under your clothes.