Wetbag Edition 22/23

The ooia Wetbag Edition 22/23 is your beautiful discreet on-the-go companion that keeps your ooias or other items leak-proof.
Color: Edition 22/23

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Special feature

Special feature Ideal for leak-proof transportation of your used ooias and other purposes

Leakage protection

Leakage protectionLeakage protection in the crotch area


sustainabilityFewer disposable pads, pads and tampons = positive for your environment

Fair production

Fair productionExclusively with materials from Europe under ethical and ecologically fair standards

Female-led Company

Female-led CompanyFor an equal world in which the needs of women* are not taboo

product details

The Wetbag in the colorful 22/23 Edition: your beautiful companion for on the go that keeps your ooias leak-proof. It has versatile applications: the Wetbag is also used as a cosmetic bag or for diapers. The Wetbag is made out of recycled and washable material. Underneath the outer fabric that was specially designed for us, lies an impermeable layer of fabric that does not allow any liquid to pass through to the outside.

The Wetbag measures 23 by 17cm and has therefore room for 2-3 ooias (depending on size). It can be folded into a very small component due to the thin material and is therefore ideal for any handbag size.

In the Wetbag you can for example transport your used ooias, in case you want to change them on the way or store your unused ooias for a trip. Of course you can also use the Wetbag as a cosmetic bag or for other utensils like diapers. Thus, the wetbag offers a wonderful support during postpartum and pregnancy time.

Complete your set of ooias!

Just like the ooias, the ooia wetbag is produced ethically and ecologically fair in Portugal, Lithuania and Croatia with fabrics from Europe..

With your purchase you support organizations that promote female empowerment with their projects - here learn more.

    We use silver chloride to inhibit bacteria and odors. The skin compatibility has been confirmed by OEKO-TEX. EU Regulation No. 528/2012: Biocidal active ingredient is silver chloride. No nanoparticles are used.


    Just like the ooias, the ooia wetbag is made out of carefully selected, specialized fabrics manufactured in Europe. All fabrics are certified tested for harmful substances. The polyester of the outer fabric and the membrane carrier fabric consists of recycled material.

    Some raw materials which enter our fabrics cannot be sourced from Europe, as this is not possible for climatic reasons.

    material composition:

    Outer fabric: 100% recycled polyester

    Lining/membrane backing fabric: 100% recycled polyester

    Membrane: 100% polyester

    delivery and return

    If your purchase is over 30€ your ooias will be delivered to you within Germany with DHL GoGreen. If the purchase is below that it will be delivered with the Deutsche Post GoGreen. To Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland, we always ship with the Deutsche Post GoGreen.

    It is very important to us that you are completely satisfied with your ooia. Therefore, returns are possible: you just have to return ooia within 90 days (unworn, of course) and pay the postage for the return.


    how to care for your ooias

    1. Put your ooias in a laundry net together with similarly colored laundry and put them in the washing machine at 40°C on an easy-care cycle (color detergent without bleach).

    2. Ironing is taboo, just hang your ooia on the clothesline as usual and it will soon be ready for use again

    3. Wear and feel good!

    Learn more: Care


    magic membrane system

    An ooia period underwear is as beautiful and comfortable as your favorite underwear, but it can do much more: it has an integrated membrane system in the crotch that draws the liquid away from you, absorbs it and prevents it from leaking.
    Learn more: Technology


    rock the day with ooia

    Simply put it on and feel good! Your ooia supports you in all situations, whether during the day, at night while sleeping, in the postpartum period or during sport. The use can be tailored to your individual needs. Find out more: Care

    Female empowerment

    a heart project

    ooia wants to change something in society. We strive for an equal world in which women's needs are not taboo. Find out more and take a look over our shoulders on our Instagram account @its.me.ooia .

    still questions?

    How many ooias do I need for a period?

    The ooia period underwear is designed to hold 1-6 tampons or 10-30ml of fluid, depending on the model.

    How many and when you use ooia period panties depends entirely on your needs - your preferences, your plans, the intensity of your bleeding, and many other factors. To completely cover one period, you will need about 5 ooia period panties - assuming you wear one at night, one during the day, and wash the used panties after two days.

    Can I avoid using other menstrual products with my ooia?

    The ooia period underwear is designed to hold 1-6 tampons or 10-30ml of fluid, depending on the model. How many and when you use ooia period panties depends on your needs - your preferences, your plans, the intensity of your bleeding, and many other factors. There is no one size fits all solution. If your period is light to medium, you can most likely use ooia period underwear without additional period products. If you bleed very heavily, you may want to use additional protection (tampon, cup).

    How long can I wear my ooia?

    If you treat ooia period underwear well, it will retain its full antibacterial effectiveness for around 2 years . After that, you can of course continue to use it as "normal" underwear - although studies show that underwear is rarely used for longer than two years. But we are happy if ooia is used for longer.

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