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Uncomplicated, comfortable and reliable:
Our period underwear for young girls* and teenagers

Uncomplicated, comfortable and reliable: Our period underwear for young girls* and teenagers

Teens Hipster
Teens Hipster
Teens Hipster Stripes

Your alternative to tampons: ooia period underwear for Teens

Our special teen period underwear collection accompanies teens during their first bleedings.

Especially as a teenager, your period might occur irregularly or unexpectedly. The ooia Hipster Teens is also great if you not sure when you expecting your period, perfect for period days at school or on the go.

Period panties for Teenager: For a worry-free period

The ooia hipster Teens period underwear adapts to your body like your favorite underwear - without feeling diapery, rustling or slipping.

You don't have to worry about choosing the right tampon size, changing in the school toilet or stains on your clothes. With the ooia hipster Teens you can get through everyday school life or trips without any worries, because it holds up to 3 tampons of liquid, leak-proof.

Only the best for your skin

The ooia hipster period underwear is made of very high-quality fabrics that wick liquid away in a flash, leaving you feeling dry. We made sure only natural materials (merino wool) touches sensitive skin.

ooia is made from carefully selected, specialized fabrics made in Europe. We are also the only brand to have the bacteria-inhibiting effect of our products tested. The antibacterial effectiveness has been confirmed by an external laboratory and is tested at regular intervals. This means that the use of the bacteria-inhibiting active ingredient counteracts the formation of odors and the proliferation of germs.

Your sustainable alternative to disposable products

You can wear the Teens hipster period underwear alone or as a backup to other period products. After use, you can easily wash and reuse ooia period underwear.