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We sought the advice of gynecologists for our ooia period underwear to ensure that odors and germs cannot multiply.

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During your period you also excrete bacteria together with your blood. They multiply quickly in a moist and warm environment - for example, in period underwear. To kill these bacteria, you would have to wash the panties at 70-80°C. This is not possible with period underwear as the various technical fabrics in the panty would be severely affected. But gynecologists confirmed : if no bacteria-inhibiting agents are used and period underwear may only be washed at 30-40°C then bacteria multiplies that not even the laundry can kill. This is a real health concern because germs can multiply freely and thus lead to bad odors and, in the worst case, cause diseases.

We have been very careful in the selection of our bacteria inhibiting agent. We chose silver chloride because it is very effective against bacteria. Silver has been used for centuries to protect against diseases. Already in ancient Greece and Rome it was used to disinfect water. As the only period underwear worldwide, our antibacterial effectiveness has been certified by the renowned Hohenstein Institute.

Experts have also assured us that "natural" antibacterial substances alone, such as merino wool and bamboo, are not sufficient enough for this purpose.

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ooias antibacterial effect is certified!

We at ooia are the only period underwear brand in the world with a certified bacteria inhibiting effect - by the renowned Hohenstein Institute!

For this, our ooia period underwear had to pass intensive tests in the laboratory.

Our active ingredient silver chloride was tested under the strictest conditions and is allowed to be used in Germany in accordance with Article 89 of the Biocide Ordinance in conjunction with Section 28 (8) of the Chemicals Act. Silver has been used for centuries to protect against diseases. It was already used in ancient Greece and Rome to disinfect water.

The bacteria-inhibiting effect of silver chloride takes place directly in the fiber.

The use of our silver chloride has no negative impact on the environment when washed out. The amounts of silver returned to nature by our active ingredient correspond to the average natural silver level of soil or rocks in nature. The active antibacterial silver ions of the silver chloride are bound within seconds in the wastewater stream by sulfide-containing components to form absolutely insoluble silver sulfide (Ag2S) and are thus no longer bioavailable. As a result, the activity of the bacteria in the biological clarification stage of wastewater treatment are not inhibited. This has been confirmed by an independent test institute.

Of course, we do not use any nanoparticles that are controversial in terms of health.

From day one, we have attached particular importance to communicating transparently here - on our homepage, in our product description and on every package. We think it is right and important to comply with the German labeling law here.

If you have any further questions about this, send us a message at

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ooias skin compatibility is certified!

All marked ooia products are certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® [21.0.46579 HOHENSTEIN HTTI]. In order to receive this certification, the substances and also the bacteria-inhibiting active ingredient are tested according to strict criteria and by an independent testing institute for their harmlessness to health and skin compatibility. The certification confirms that the criteria for the certificate have been met.

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