March 06, 2020

We renamed ourselves on 08.06.20 and are now called ooia

On Thursday, March 5, the German Startup Awards took place in Berlin. This event was hosted by the Federal Association of German Startups e.V., on this evening entrepreneurs, investors, as well as personalities from the support network from the startup scene were awarded.


This initiative was created to honor founders who stick to their vision with innovative ideas, despite the risks and challenges that startups face. Another intention is to create visibility for entrepreneurship in Germany and to give everyone the opportunity to come together, to be a part of network.


Among the finalists we were also invited and nominated in the category Best Newcomer. The criterion of this category is to have achieved a successful market entry in the calendar year 2018/2019.

And we won!!!



It's so great that we as a Female-Centric Products company are getting recognition from the startup ecosystem. It wasn't always this way and we clearly recognize that times are changing. We are incredibly honored to have won this award.



You can find more info about the evening here:

The sources of the images are from the German Startup Award, photographer: Babette Müller