August 03, 2020

In August 2018, ooia was founded, a female empowerment company offering sustainable and innovative products by women for women*. At its inception, period underwear did not exist on the German market until then and within less than two years, the 150,000th ooia was sold.

Meanwhile, ooia offers 5 styles that can cover periods from light, medium to heavy.



In addition, since this year there is a new category in the online store: ooia Moms. The absorbent nursing bra that makes disposable nursing pads unnecessary.

The ooias are loved, worn and diligently ordered in our online store. So every day we receive enthusiastic messages from customers* and share their experiences with their favorite ooias.

At the beginning of July, the 150,000th ooia was sold. Such sensational news, this joy should be celebrated with our community. So the entire order, which included the 150,00ste ooia, was donated by us.

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