November 04, 2019

We renamed ourselves on 08.06.20 and are now called ooia
After our customers flooded us with requests for an ooshi thong, we are finally happy to announce that it is now available as our newest model in our store from NOW!
Our ooshi thong can hold 5ml of blood, replacing 1 tampon. Therefore, it is the perfect choice for the lighter days of your period, in case of discharge or as a backup. And there is another advantage that our current model brings: thanks to the materials used and the new cut, the ooshi thong is a breath of nothing under elegant fabrics and tight clothes.

The ooshi thong is a completely new ooshi style that we are very proud of and is the sixth model in our collection.
We will continue to release new styles on a regular basis with the goal that every woman* will find her favorite ooshi.

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