June 03, 2020

We renamed ourselves on 08.06.20 and are now called ooia

Sporty absorbent style - the ooshi Shorty!

We have been tinkering with a new innovative period underwear and are proud about the successful launch!

We present to you the ooshi shorty!

Already on the first day we received numerous enthusiastic messages and so many Shortys grabbed that after less time already the first sizes were sold out.

The Shorty not only looks top but is even more absorbent than all previous-for your strongest days.

The sporty ooshi Shorty has a soft wide waistband with subtle shine detail and is the most absorbent ooshi style for maximum security on your strongest days. 

Thanks to innovative cutting technology, the ooshi shorty doesn't stand out under clothes while being super comfortable and reliable.

Our range now offers you all the models you need to feel completely safe and comfortable from the light to the strong days.

The ooshi Shorty holds up to 30 ml, the equivalent of 6 tampons, twice as much as our ooshi Brief or ooshi Hipster as well as the ooshi Highwaist. So this style is the perfect complement for the particularly strong days of the month.

It was important to us to develop a more absorbent ooshi, which also has a special look. Your biggest wishes were to get a boy short and a more absorbent model and we have successfully combined them for you. A lot of time and dedication has gone into our latest product innovation. With a new sporty look, you can expand your ooshi collection and benefit from it on your particularly strong days.