August 03, 2020

We have been working on something very special and present our latest launch, the beautiful and glittery ooia bracelet:

Your ooia Embracelet, your everyday accessory that lets you colorfully embrace your femininity. #womenhood

In a set of 2 you can buy the ooia Embracelets, one for you and one for your personal power woman - be it your mother, sister or best friend.

We followed your request, whether it is not possible to wear a bracelet and sign from us that stands for Female Empowerment. No sooner said than done!

Our latest launch is a new interpretation of the Menstrual Bracelet, launched this year on Menstrual Hygiene Day, and is made under fair conditions in Germany.

The ooia Embracelet features 28 circles, each circle represents a day of the female cycle and 5 of them are red - you guessed it:

These circles represent your period! 

The ooia Embracelet is designed to remind you every day as a positive affirmation of how great you are. Maybe for each of the 5 red circles you can think of one thing that you especially love about yourself?

Every time your eyes then fall on your ooia Embracelet, you can remember that!



With your purchase, you join us in advocating Female Empowerment: for every 2pc ooia Embracelet Set, you donate 1€ to cij - center for intersectional justice.

Discover the ooia Embracelet and share your #womenhood!