December 10, 2018

On the way from production to the store counter, more plastic touches a product than thought.

When fashion is created in larger sewing factories, it is then shipped in boxes, to the client or directly to retailers. To protect them during shipping, each garment is shipped in its own bag made of plastic (polybag) by sewing factories. In some cases, the products are stored in the polybags made of plastic and shipped to customers* by online retailers in this way.

In addition, even today most products are wrapped in plastic packaging. These offer protection from moisture and dirt - but cause mountains of waste!

But companies can change this by entering into dialogue with their suppliers.

At ooia, we want to act as role models and think through every step of our production chain.

Our first step was to develop product packaging that protects ooias - but contains no plastic. And it's made of paper! It also looks magical and saves on extra inserts for information about the product.

We at ooia didn't like the idea of those thousands of polybags either - so we contacted our factory in Portugal and worked with them to develop a solution. The ooia product packaging, which is paper, has been sent to the factory instead of to us, so the ooias are simply packed directly in it for shipping to Germany and for storage.

We simply replace a polybag and plastic product packaging with paper packaging from the beginning!

We are very happy that everyone here is pulling together to produce as little waste as possible.

Our everyday life should become more plastic-free! Even when it comes to the period.

With ooia Period Panties, you can replace period disposables and experience a more sustainable period - plus, they're comfortable and leak-proof. Check out our shop and see for yourself!