June 06, 2019

We renamed ourselves on 08.06.20 and are now called ooia

Woohoooo - ooshi Teens is here!

There is now ooshi Teens for teenagers!

Our popular styles, ooshi briefs and ooshi hipsters are also available in special sizes for teenagers from the next delivery.
And specifically in sizes 152 and 158.

On the page ooshi.berlin.de/teens teens can get familiar with ooshi and the period underwear product type.
You can secure ooshi teens starting NOW! We will ship them as early as the end of July 2019.

The first period comes between the ages of 9 and 16. This time is marked by uncertainty for many young women:

When will the first bleeding come?
Will there be spots?
When will my next period come?

With ooshi Teens, teenagers can go into their school day with confidence, because they know: with ooshi I am safe.

Already today, many mother-daughter duo customers are with us.

Since day 1, ooshi has had a wide range of sizes - from size 32 to 54. Every woman* should be able to find her perfect ooshi.
That's why we already have many teenage customers.
Frequently we hear from mothers that they buy ooshis for themselves and their daughters at the same time - we're especially happy about that!

You can find the first voices of teen ooshi users

on our ooshi teens website.

ooshi Teens has the proven high quality of ooshi - you can rely on it

High quality is also guaranteed with ooshi Teens.

ooshi is fairly produced in Europe, and we use the highest quality materials, all sourced from European suppliers.

As the only period underwear, ooshi is certified - the renowned German Hohenstein Institute has awarded ooshi a certificate for its bacteria-inhibiting effectiveness.

There have already been 25,000 ooshis sold, and thousands of women* love our period underwear!

You can buy all ooshi models here.

From us ooshi founders

We, the founders of ooshi, are both mamas of two daughters each.
For this reason, the topic of the first years of the period is especially close to our hearts.

Our daughters should have the opportunity to experience this time full of self-confidence, strength, self-love and understanding.

This is what we wish for all girls.

Talk to your daughters, sons and friends* about this, feel free to tell the parents of teenagers in your circle of acquaintances.

Thank you for supporting us in this!