November 06, 2019

We renamed ourselves on 08.06.20 and are now called ooia

Hard to believe: we ooshi in "The lion's den"!?

On Tuesday, 12.11.2019 we venture into the primetime on VOX in the founder show "Die Höhle der Löwen" ("The lion's den"). There we will challenge the lions to invest for the first time in a period startup.

A year ago, the roller coaster ride started: we were invited to the casting for "The lion's den" in November 2018. Over several stages, we then went to Cologne this year for the shoot in a huge TV studio! Getting there was one of the most exciting things of our lives. Hundreds of people are scurrying around the set, but when it gets serious for us and we are standing right in front of the door, it seems like everything is quiet and you can hear every pin drop. Suddenly you're walking down this mile-long tunnel and there are the five lions in front, and we're right in front of them. Wow. Heart racing. Luckily we had us!

Having such a great opportunity to show a period product in such a popular show is insanely great! Especially to advance our mission - empowering women by, among other things, de-tabooing periods - and to bring all women* in Germany closer to the growing selection of period products on the market.

Our goal for 2019 was and is to show all women* that there is something new for the period, simply an alternative that is also comfortable and sustainable. In this, we wish to have the support of a lion that can reach so many people with its power. Whether someone bites and pushes the topics with us? Be curious and look purely - on Tuesday, 12.11.2019 at 20:15 clock on VOX!

Photo: TVNOW / Bernd-Michael Maurer