March 30, 2020

We renamed ourselves on 08.06.20 and are now called ooia

Are you an expectant mother or already breastfeeding? Wonderful, then we have the perfect product for you!

We're launching a new product: our ooshi nursing bra!

Soon you can get hold of it, Germany's first nursing bra that has the function of a nursing pad built in! The integrated membrane system makes additional nursing pads unnecessary. It supports you sustainably to enjoy the day and night carefree with your baby. 



Why is ooshi launching a nursing bra?

We, Kati and Kristine, founders of the female empowerment company are mothers ourselves and have breastfed a total of five children.

The desire to offer innovative products for women* has been at the heart of our endeavor from the beginning. Our ooshi period underwear was our first product in this regard, but it was clear to us that we would develop novel products for women* in other areas.

As mothers, we know from our own experience that many topics related to breastfeeding are taboo. Breastfeeding mothers experience rejection in public places. Are you breastfeeding too short? Are you breastfeeding too long? Are you overfeeding? Do you pump? Or are you not breastfeeding at all? Etc.

Many questions and pressures a mother faces, it is actually a period of great happiness and discovery.

We think it's time to tackle the taboos around breastfeeding. By whom? Sure, by us and with you! It is our concern with you as a community to enter into an exchange and to drive this removal of taboos of breastfeeding or non-breastfeeding.

Your breasts, your baby, your life!

The ooshi Moms nursing bra will accompany moms in the special first time - feather soft, sustainable and comfortable. Designed by moms for moms.

In a short time the presale begins. You want to know exactly when it starts? 

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