October 18, 2018

Period underwear is actually not an invention of modern times. Somewhat transformed, the underwear already existed at the beginning of the 20th century. Today, period panties are more comfortable, hygienic and a real option instead of using tampons during bleeding.

At the end of the 19th century, the menstrual belt came into fashion, which had similarities with a chastity belt, but the flaumin bandage inside it could be washed out, which in turn was already very sustainable. So-called menstrual belts were also worn until the 1970s, but by that time they were already using disposable pads. The forerunners of the period panty, as we know them today, were not beautiful and they were not comfortable - but they served their purpose.

The period panty of the 21st century, as we have come to appreciate it, has borrowed heavily from the underwear industry. So it is still about protection, also about sustainability (period panties can be washed), but many period panties can no longer be distinguished at first glance from the normal comfortable and valued underwear.

Nowadays there are a few terms for it in German:

  • Period Panty
  • Period Underwear
  • Menstrual underwear
  • Menstrual panties
  • Month panties
  • Period panties...

What makes the Period Panty special?

As is so often the case, it also depends on the inner values of the Period Panty. The period underwear has several layers, one of which must absorb. This ensures that period blood is transported away from your body, but at the same time is also held so that nothing can leak.

The magic membrane system, the membrane in the crotch of the Period Pantys from ooia, is built in 3 layers. It ensures that you feel dry and clean and that at the same time nothing drips out.

Layer 1, which is directly on your body, is made of very soft merino wool. It quickly wicks moisture away from your body and is antibacterial. Layer 2 absorbs moisture like a sponge and is antibacterial due to an added silver-based active ingredient (without nano-silver). Layer 3, the outermost layer, does not let liquid through, so no leakage, but it is still elastic and breathable.

Naturally, the seams are designed to slow down liquid and you do not leave stains on your favorite pants.


ooia Period Panties hold a full 15 ml of liquid inside, which is roughly equivalent to 3 tampons. This also makes them so ideal as an alternative for tampons and pads. You can also wear ooia instead of tampons at night, which is good for you and, of course, for the environment. If your days are a little stronger in the beginning, you can use ooia as a carefree additional protection to conventional period products - or use several ooias during the day.

ooias, by the way, are the first period panties in Germany, conceived in Berlin, produced in Portugal. The factories that produce ooia work according to the strictest and certified ecological and social standards. The fabrics are certified free of harmful substances and the Merino sheep have been shorn extra gently.

When making the ooia, we not only want you to feel comfortable with the Period Pantys, but also that the trappings fit.